Graham Hoyes

I am a student of the Undergraduate Engineering Science Program at the University of Toronto. This website is my personal profile and portfolio, with sections to showcase design projects I have been a part of and to share my Engineering philosophy.

Navigation links for the main section of the site can be found in the top header, including links to past design projects and a blog discussing areas of interest in Engineering and Engineering Design. This website is still a work in progress. The source code was written custom by me, and uses a combination of HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. To report any issues, please contact me.

About me

A scientist and novice engineer by nature, I enrolled in the University of Toronto's Undergraduate Engineering Science program after graduating from the International Baccalaureate Programme to expand my horizons into solving problems with a modern perspective by leveraging the latest technology and tools available. Information technology is one of my passions and areas of expertise, and as such I try to leverage modern technology as much as possible when approaching design challenges. I focus on developing solutions that focus on improving ease of use and effectiveness of whatever components may be necessary as part of a larger project. I take pride in my ability to leverage teamwork and communication skills to quickly adapt my skills to the needs of any engineering design project.

Personal Experience

As stated above, one of my areas of expertise prior to entering engineering was information technology. A search through the Wayback Machine on tells me that my first website went online sometime in 2009, when I was around 11 years old. Since then, I've made a number of personal websites and worked with others on various projects. Some of my own projects that I dreamed and subsequently coded-up can be found on my Projects page. More specifically, some of my past experiences include:

Professional skills